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Canal Prep Root Canal Preparation Cream 18gm. Jar - MARK3

Manufacturer: MARK3
SKU: 100-5978
Case Quantity: 0
Stock Quantity: 90
MARK3's Canal Prep, Root Canal Preparation Cream is formulated with urea-peroxide 10% and ethylene diamine tetra acetic (EDTA) acid 15% in a special water-soluble base, which lubricates the canal for the introduction of files, and reduces possible file separation. When used with sodium hypochlorite, the chemical action boosts the dissolution of organic tissue and also helps remove the smear layer.

Contains: (1) 18gm Jar

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Canal Prep Root Canal Preparation Cream 18gm. Jar - MARK3

Features and Benefits

• Aids root canal cleansing
• Enhances tissue dissolution when used with sodium hypochlorite
• Oxygen bubbles released from urea peroxides promote deep cleaning and disinfection
• Lubricates the canal for introduction of files and helps the electronic signal passage of the apex locator
• Medicaments can easily penetrate the cleared root canal

Manufacturer: MARK3

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