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New products


Disposable Evacuation Filters Fits all Saliva Ejectors #5508 72/bx. - MARK3®

Universal Saliva Ejector Traps - fits most saliva ejector brands.

Contains: 72 filters
SKU: 100-5508

Disposable Saliva Ejectors 100/pk - MARK3

MARK3 Saliva Ejectors are easy to shape and form due to their wire reinforced tube. Their soft non-removable tips prevents suction of tissue, maximizing patient safety and comfort. They provide optimal suction and fit all standard saliva ejector connections.

Contains (100 saliva ejectors per bag)

EverCem Dual Cure Resin Cement Automix - MARK3

NEW from MARK3

EverCem From MARK3 is a versatile dual cure, self etch, self adhesive resin cement in an 8gm automix dual barrel syringe. It is used for cementing indirect restorations made from ceramic, composite, and metal, as well as cementing posts. It's low film thickness ensures a closer fit of the restoration while providing excelling bonding values.

Indications: indirect restorations such as, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, endodontic posts, zirconia crowns, implants, aluminum oxide ceramic & fiber reinforced composite posts.

Contains: (1) 8gm Automix Syringe & 6 mixing tips

SKU: 100-5385
Beyes Dental

Maxso EP12-NS Hygiene Handpiece Attachment 4:1 - Beyes

Beyes EP12-NS hygiene handpiece is a 4:1 reduction straight nose cone designed to be used with disposable prophy angle for polishing. The EP12-NS offers the highest quality ceramic bearings for long-lasting smooth operation and a slim, lightweight, and compact handpiece design for ultimate user comfort.

Beyes EP12-NS will fit all standard ISO E-Type air motor or electric micromotor

Warranty: 12 Months
SKU: 210-SL1002
Beyes Dental

Maxso X92 Implant Handpiece - Beyes Dental

Experience unrivaled cutting power with the X92 implant handpiece by Beyes. This powerful unit features both internal and external irrigation for maximum cooling where it is needed the most. Its outstanding ergonomic grip offers the perfect balance, resulting in high precision operation. A titanium-coated, scratch-resistant surface ensures longstanding durability. Beyes’ X92 implant handpiece has been engineered to ease the most challenging procedures.

Warranty: 12 Months

Type : Contra Angle, 20:1 Implantology, Non-Optic, Push Button, CA Burs
SKU: 210-SL3019

ApexPilot G3 Endo Motor with Built-in Apex Locator - Beyes Dental

The ApexPilot G3 is a cordless and compact endodontic motor with a built-in apex locator and integrated length measuring function which makes root canal preparation safer and more efficient. The file position will be shown in an easy to read OLED screen and this endodontic motor will automatically reverse or stop as soon as the apical point is reached.

Warranty: 12 Months
SKU: 210-AL2070
Beyes Dental

ApexPilot G2 Endo Motor - Beyes Dental

The ApexPilot G2 Endo Motor can be connected to the matched apex locator to realize apex locating function. By connecting the ApexPilot G2 to the matched apex locator, the position of the file tip inside the canal can be monitored during the procedure and many automatic functions such as auto apical reverse can be activated. The ApexPilot G2 has a high performance brushless motor with an adjustable reciprocating angle (10° interval; adjustment range: 20°-400°); Accurate rotating angle reduces risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparing efficiency.

Warranty 12 Months
SKU: 210-AL2060
Beyes Dental

EndoPilot Cordless Endodontic Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The EndoPilot Cordless Endodontic Handpiece from Beyes Dental provides a cordless endodontic hadpiece in an ergonomic, smaller design so dentists can have better visibility and convenience in operation. The Multi-position type head allows direction of contra angle to be changed easily. It is easily operated with the LCD panel and contains memory for up to 5 programs. Operates continuously for more than 2 hours (Dependent upon rated load).
SKU: 210-AL2030
Premier Dental

D.I.S.C.™ Autoclavable Instrument Sharpener - Premier Dental

The Premier disc sharpener is ideal for routine dental instrument sharpening as well as for chairside touch-ups. Within seconds, the D.I.S.C. will resharpen instruments to make scaling and root planing more effective, with less effort by the dental professional. The fully autoclavable disc sharpener is an easy-to-use, efficient way to sharpen dental instruments for optimum results.

Contains: (1) Autoclavable D.I.S.C., (2) Sharpening stones, (1)Comprehensive Guide to Sharpening
SKU: 580-9048200
Beyes Dental

GPRO F1 Gutta-percha Obturation System - Beyes Dental

The Gpro F1 Gutta-percha Obturation System from Beyes Dental adopts wireless, vertical type and single-button design, bringing easier obturation operation. It features quick heating within 15 seconds, reducing time for waiting and increasing your working efficiency.

Filling Machine Contains: Main unit, charging stand, power adapter, 23G 24mm needle, 23G 28mm needle, 25G 24mm needle, heat insulation hood, heat insultation sleeve of needle, pushing ram, brush, wrench of needle

Gutta-percha Obturation System(P1+F1) Contains Gutter-percha Obturation Heating Pen & Filling Machine

Warranty: 12 Months
Premier Dental

Cure-Thru® IntegraPost® - Zirconia Glass Fiber Posts 10/pk - Premier Dental

A simple technique for post and core utilizing Zirconia glass fibers for the right balance of strength and elasticity.

IntegraDrill is ideally sized in relation to post diameter, permitting 2.5X more cement into post space. This creates a “buffer zone” to absorb potentially stressful forces and the greater cement volume increases resistance to vertical dislodgement.

Contains: (10) Cure-Thru Posts
Premier Dental

Vac Attak™ GREEN High-Performance Evacuation System Cleaner 6/cs - Premier Dental

New Vac Attak™ GREEN is a high-performance evacuation system cleaner designed to comply with the EPA’s Clean Water Act. Using powerful enzymes that get the job done, Vac Attak GREEN’s environmentally-friendly formula meets the ADA’s best management practices. With a neutral pH, its non-foaming and non-corrosive formula has no chlorine or oxidizing agents. Safe and gentle for every day use with all amalgam separators, this evacuation system cleaner is still Vac Attak-tough to clean your lines of bio-burden, prophy paste and fluoride gels.

Contains: (6) 800g Jars
SKU: 580-9011105