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New products


Premium Patient Bibs 3ply 13" X 18" 500/bx - MARK3

NEW from MARK3

Premium 3ply Patient Bibs from MARK3 are constructed with 2-ply water absorbant tissue, and 1 ply polyethylene for optimal protection against liquid or spills. MARK3 3/ply Bibs are very durable and tear-resistant keeping patients protected at all times.

Available in: Blue, Green & Lavender


Dental Set Up Trays Blue 1/pk Autoclavable - MARK3

NEW from MARK3

Dental Set Up Trays from MARK3 allow for convenient placement of dental instruments and tools. They are made from durable, autoclavable plastic and have a high-gloss surface that helps prevent staining.

Available in: Flat and Divided

Lidocaine 2% 1:50,000 with Epinephrine 50/bx. - Cook-Waite - Expiration Date 08.2024

Local dental anesthesia by nerve block or infiltration. Lidocaine when used for infiltration will have an average onset time of less than two minutes and a duration of about 60 minutes. When used for nerve blocks the average onset time is 2 to 4 minutes and will provide about 90 minutes of pulpal anesthesia.

ContaIns: 5 blisters of 10 x 1.8ml glass cartridges
SKU: 101-1628262-Short-Dated
J&J Instruments

Behrman Amalgam Plugger #1 - J&J Instruments

J&J Instruments is a leader in providing dental professionals with quality instruments. Our instruments are made of high quality surgical steel.
SKU: 854-01-010
J&J Instruments

How Plier #110 Straight utility pliers, serrated pads, lip safe beaks - J&J Instruments

These multipurpose pliers are used to place and remove pins, archwires, and other orthodontic materials.
SKU: 854-09-110

Root Canal Sealer Powder and Liquid Kit - Pulpdent

Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer is an endodontic filling material for primary or permanent teeth. It is tissue compatible, and dispenses via pressure syringe technique. It can also be a paste filler or work in conjunction with solid core or lateral condensation. The powder is made of zinc oxide, zince stearate, calcium phosphate, and barium sulfate. The liquid contains eugenol and canada balsam.

Contains: (1) 15cc Powder & (1) 7.5ml Liquid
SKU: 590-RK
Premier Dental

Removalon I Dry Pack Temporary Cement Remover - Premier

Removalon effectively removes set carboxylate, glass ionomer and zinc phosphate dental cements easily, quickly and safely from instruments, ortho bands, crowns, bridges, veneers, glass slabs, inlays, etc. Dissolves cement away twice as fast when used with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Contains: (1) Easy Dry Pak Container (fills to 1/2 gallon)
SKU: 580-9011005

Two Striper Diamond Burs ZTECH Zirconia Assorted 5/Pk - Premier

Two Striper Ztech is a high rated all ceramic cutting especially effective on tough ceramic materials. The TSZtech contraindications will not cut or separate metal and is recommended for zirconia and lithium disilicate. Two Striper® stays sharp longer and delivers faster, cooler cutting than electroplated brands. Which means fewer burs, less chair time and happier patients. Made from a select grade of natural diamonds, only Two Striper burs are developed with a proprietary P.B.S.® brazing process that is recognized as the best bonding system in the industry. You can count on Two Striper® for efficient, predictable results

Contains: 1/each 260.8Z, 285.5Z, 703.8KRZ, 125Z, 770.8Z
SKU: 580-2015895

Enamel Care 1.1% Sodium Fluoride Home Care Anti-Cavity Toothpaste RX only 4.3oz. Spearmint – MARK3®

NEW from MARK3

Enamel Care 1.1% Sodium Fluoride Home Care Toothpaste is a prescription only anti-cavity toothpaste that helps strengthen enamel and remineralizeslesion spots. Enamel Care Anti-Cavity Toothpaste provides maximum fluoride uptake (5,000ppm) and contains potassium nitrate & Vitamin E to aid and treat sensitivity. It is ideal for treating hypersensitivity before and after whitening procedures. It is recommended for patients with intolerance to acidic fluorides due to xerostomia, bulimia, radiation systemic disease and chemotherapy. Gluten Free, Dye Free, Alcohol Free.

**Prescription Only**

Contains: (1) 4.3oz Tube

SKU: 100-8910

Intraoral Mixing Tips Clear Thin Opening For Core Build-Up 50/pk. - MARK3®

Clear intraoral dispensing tip with thin opening. Fits brown mix tips for core build up applications.

Fits Sku 100-1425

Contains: 50/bag
SKU: 100-0051

Denture Storage Boxes Assorted Colors 1-3/4" Deep 12/bg. - MARK3®

NEW from MARK3

Denture Storage Boxes from MARK3 are made of low density polyethylene, our denture storage boxes make an excellent container for patients with dentures or other dental work, such as an athletic mouthguard. The boxes are 1 3/4-inches (44.4mm) deep, which is able to fit any size denture. The box is strong, protective and lightweight.

Contains: 12 Denture Boxes in Assorted Colors

SKU: 100-5520

ProLink CEM Plus Universal Self Adhesive Resin Cement w/MDP Automix Syr. 5gm. - Silmet

NEW from Silmet

ProLink CEM Plus Universal Resin Cement is incredibly versatile and can be used for crowns, inlays/onlays, bridges, crowns/abutments on implants and posts. Like other similar self-adhesive cements, pre-treatment of the tooth, such as etching, priming and bonding, is eliminated, reducing steps and saving chair time. Thanks to the dual cure self-adhesive chemistry, the efficient chemical polymerization of the cement ensures optimal bonding when thick or opaque restorations are used and no additional light-curing is needed.

Indications: All-ceramic crowns, inlays/onlays, all-metal or ceramic metal crowns/bridges, high-strength ceramic zirconia, crowns, metal/fiber posts.

Contraindications: Ceramic Veneers, Crown or Bridges with poor retention, resin-bonded bridges.