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Cavity Liner Liquid 15cc -Pulpdent

Cavity Liner Liquid from Pulpdent is a calcium hydroxide liner and pulp protector that desensitizes while you temporize, reduce post operative sensitivity.

Contains: 1 15cc Bottle
SKU: 590-PCL

EDTA Solution - Pulpdent

EDTA 17% Solution is buffered to a neutral pH and is an effective calcium binding or chelating agent used to facilitate instrumentation of root canals and for smear layer removal. It decalcifies the canal walls making it easier to enlarge and shape the canal with files and reamers.

Available in 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml

Embrace Repair Kit- Pulpdent

1.2 mL syringe each First-Coat, Seal-n-Shine, Opaquer, Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam + accessories

Embrace Resin Cement - Pulpdent

Embrace Resin Cement for cementation of PFM, gold, metal, titanium, fiber posts, CEREC, and reinforced ceramics for crowns, bridges and inlays. Self Etching to dentin. Self adhesive, no primers, silane, or bond required. Dual cure, fluoride releasing, and radiopaque.

Contains: 1 7g cement, 20 automix tips

Embrace Wetbond Pit & Fissure Sealant Kit - Pulpdent

Embrace is the first pit and fissure sealant that bonds to the moist tooth. Research shows remarkable sealing ability and adaptation to tooth structure.1 The margins are undetectable, and the long-term success has been reported in the literature.

Contains - 4 x 1.2 mL syringes, natural shade + 20 applicator tips


Embrace Wetbond Seal N Shine- Pulpdent

Embrace Seal N Shine seals composites and margins. Eliminates micro-leakage. Finishes and polishes restorations and temporaries. Bonds in a slightly moist field.

Etch Royale 1.2.ml Syringe 24/pk - Pulpdent

Etch Royale from Pulpdent stays where placed, does not run onto soft tissue. Washes off completely and easily.

Contains: 24 1.2ml Syringes
SKU: 590-ER24

Etch-Rite 38% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel – Pulpdent

Pulpdent Etch-Rite Etch Gel is a superior quality dental etching gel specially formulated for maximum working and handling characteristics.

Lime-Lite Enhanced Light Cure Cavity Liner - Pulpdent

NEW Lime-Lite Enhanced Cavity Liner is specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and traditional restorative materials, Lime-Lite contains hydroxyapatite in a urethane dimethacrylate resin. Improved moisture-friendly formula. Greater adhesion to dentin. Greater release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride.


MultiCal Calcium Hydroxide Syringe 4/pk - Pulpdent

Multi-Cal is a smooth, creamy calcium hydroxide preparation recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is indicated.

Contains - 4 x 1.2 mL syringes + 8 applicator tips

Pic-n-Stic 60/pk - Pulpdent

Pic-N-Stic from Pulpdent is the original “handle for small objects” has numerous applications from dentistry to model making to replacing hearing aid batteries. The 2” long stick is 2 mm in diameter with an adhesive tip on one end.

Contains - 60 Stics
SKU: 590-PIC

PolyCarb Waterset Cement - Pulpdent

PolyCarb Waterset from Pulpdent is a Anhydrous Polycarboxylate Cement. This non-irritating, water activated polycarboxylate cement has the polyacrylic acid component Incorporated into the powder. Just add water and mix

Contains - 60 gm powder, dropper bottle, mixing pad, scoop
SKU: 590-CPC