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Small Equipment

Small Equipment

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Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light - Dentmate

Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light by Dentmate uses only the highest-grade materials and LED, assuring top quality, which ranks it among the best-known names in the industry.

SKU: 725-LEDEX-WL-070

Ledex LED Curing Light & Caries Detector - Dentmate

Ledex Dental Curing Light & Caries Detector- Dentmate Light Combo- 7 powerful extensive modes OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 7 modes including Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Plaque Inspect, Caries Inspect

SKU: 725-WL-090+

Optical Fiber Light Guide Rod 8mm - Dentmate

Optical Fiber Light Guide Rod 8mm from Dentmate is a universal light guide that fits most 8mm curing lights.

Contains: (1)One Light Guide Rod

SKU: 725-DC030
Premier Dental

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer- Premier

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer from Premier, heats up to 60 cartridges to approximate body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal shock. One cartridge is dispensed by pressing top panel.
SKU: 580-1048021

Dynamic Automatic Mixing Unit for Impression Materials - Shangai NSJ

This Dynamic Automatic Mixing Unit showcases all the same functions of a Penta Mix Unit at a fraction of the price. Used for all 380ml Impression Cartridges, this unit quiet, easy to use, and has 3 mixing speeds. It's compact size saves on counter space and the foot control makes dispensing material so much faster. Can be used with Polyether, VPS and alginate alternative materials.

SKU: 100-3020
Vector USA

UltraSonic Scaler Beaver Elite 2.0 - Vector USA

The Beaver Elite 2.0 UltraSonic Scaler from Vector USA features a fully self-contained water delivery system. Selector switch allows the user to switch from bottle A to bottle B, doubling the amount of water or allowing one bottle to be filled with an irrigant. Easily refill bottles using the flip-top lid or remove the bottle and the no-leak stopper prevents solutions from leaking onto the counter or floor. The dual-bottle system with selector switch is ideally suited for either water or medicament solution delivery during treatment.

Accepts Both 25K & 30K Inserts

Contains: 2 Position Turbo Boost Foot Pedal, Mount Stand, 2 Water Bottles, Handpiece Holder Mount, Autoclavable Handpiece Sheath. Available in Black only

1 Year Warranty

Vector USA

Power Plus Piezo Scaler with LED & EMS Handpiece - Vector USA

Vector R & D introduces the most modern and technologically advanced Piezo scaling units available, the Piezo Dental Technologies UDS series. This powerful, quiet desktop unit has 3 modes, General/Perio/Endo. It's quick disconnect handpiece is slim, light weight and fully autoclavable. Accepts all Piezo Tech tips & all EMS tips and handpieces. Built-in self contained bottle with EMS compatible Handpiece.

1 Year Warranty

Contains - LED Fiber-optic unit includes: Control Unit, Foot Control, 2 Bottles, Accessories Pack (with 5 tips and wrench), Optic Handpiece

SKU: 550-PT-PL900E

Dentapen - Electronic Anesthetic Syringe - Septodont

The Dentapen monitors the injection with a constant flow at the right pace. This gives the opportunity to focus more on needle insertion, leading to better control of the injection and a reduction in pain for the patient. Dentapen is a self-contained, cordless, intuitive device that matches dentists’ habits. It does not have a console, foot pads, tubing, or proprietary disposables. It can be held in two different ways: by the wings, like a manual syringe, or like a pen, for a precise injection during special procedures. And dentists can use any local anesthetic cartridge and their favorite dental needle. Patients find the small, modern look to be less threatening and more reassuring, helping them to relax.

Contains: Electronic Syringe, 7 Cartridge Holders, 5 Syringe-Style Finger Grips, 2 Pen-Style Finger Grips, 3 Universal Batteries, 25 Disposable Protective Sleeves
SKU: 290-01-N6000
Keystone Industries

Machine III Vacuum Forming Machine 110 Volt - Keystone Industries

The Machine III has been a staple in Keystone Industries’ long-lasting line of highly recommended vacuum former machines. The price, features and reliability make it the first choice in dental vacuum formers. The machine has more power than any other dental vacuum former, which means the production of more accurate and defined dental thermoplastic appliance.

5 Year Warranty
SKU: 515-7000330
Premier Dental

AeroPro Cordless Prophy Handpiece - Premier

The AeroPro Cordless Prophy Handpiece from Premier Dental is a light-weight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece that gives you the mobility you want, the choice of prophy angles you like, and the control you need. Based on extensive input from dental professionals, AeroPro’s innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue by allowing you to rotate the angle 360’ for improved intraoral access and comfort.

AeroPro Basic Kit Contains: 1 Motor Component, 1 Autoclavable Outer Sheath, 1 Charging Station, 1 AC Adapter, 1 Box of 500 Disposable Barriers, 48 2pro® Disposable Prophy Angles (Short/Soft)

AeroPro Complete Package Contains: 1 Motor Component, 3 Autoclavable Outer Sheaths, 1 Charging Station, 1 AC Adapter, 1 Box of 500 Disposable Barriers, 288 2pro® Disposable Prophy Angles (Short/Soft)

1 Year Limited Warranty

Beyes Dental

Accurator A1 Apex Locator - Beyes Dental

The new Beyes advanced Accurator-A Apex Locator has been developed to accurately measure the length of canals in all conditions, including dry, wet and where blood is present with industry leading accuracy.

Warranty - 1 year
SKU: 210-AL2010
Beyes Dental

ApexPilot All-in-One Endodontic Handpiece Built in Apex Locator - Beyes Dental

The ApexPilot All-In-One is the most convenient root canal treatment system. Its handpiece is complete with a root canal length measurement and root canal preparation; just connect a lip hook with the motor to make the canal length measurement and preparation at the same time.

Warranty - 1 year
SKU: 210-AL2020

Best MARK3 Sellers



VPS Impression Material 4/pk - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Impression Material features a high performance cartridge system which is easier to extrude. It has excellent dimensional stability and decreases distortions. Fast and Regular set working times. No odor or irritation allowing for greater patient comfort. A pleasant mint flavor and made in the USA.

Compares to: Genie VPS, Flexitime, Express, Exaflex, Take 1, Blu-mousse and Correct Plus


MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar

Topical anesthetic by MARK3. This topical gel has improved flavor, which reduces saliva production and helps the topical last longer. MARK3 topical has a thicker smoother consistency that makes application super easy.

Compares to: Hurricaine, Comfortcaine, Gumnumb, Kolorz, Gingicaine, Denticare and Topex


Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle - MARK3

Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray is applied to a cotton roll or pellet to check vitality.

SKU: 100-5970