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Evacuation Products

Cargus International has carefully selected evacuation products that meet the needs of dental professionals nationwide.  These products include Evacuation System Cleaners, Evacuation Traps, High and Low Speed Evacuation and Surgical Aspirating Tips. Many dentists are familiar with Neutravac by Biotrol or Vac Attack by Premier that we offer at extremely competitive prices.  Alternatively, we have tested Cory Lab’s Evac Shock cleaner in concentrate and tablet form and determined that they meet our quality and value standards. These products are comparable to the name brands but at a significantly lower price point.

Evacuation Products

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Cory Labs

Evac Shock Tablets 64/bx - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Tablets 64/bx by Cory Labs is a Enzymatic Evacuation System Cleaner -

Contains: 64 Tablets per box

SKU: 205-EVST64
Cory Labs

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner 32oz. - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner 32oz by Cory Labs is an effective Dental Evacuation Line Cleaner.

Saliva Ejectors 100/bag - Unipack

Unipack Saliva Ejectors are easy to shape, have efficient suction & greater patient comfort.Easy bending saliva ejectors keep their shape.Placement of aspiration holes avoid contact with tongue and tissues to avoid becoming blocked.

Contains: 100/bag

Also Available - MARK3 Saliva Ejectors White - Sku 100-2504


Surgical Aspirating Tips 25/pk - MARK3

Surgical Aspirator Tips by MARK3 are molded at 30-degree angle and fit 11mm suction holders, Smooth edges, Autoclavable up to 135 C or may be disposed after single use.

Contains: 25 tips per bag


High Volume Evacuator Tips HVE 100/bg - MARK3

High Volume Evacuator Tips HVE by MARK3 are double ended tips, may be Non-Vented by inserting the end with the hole into the HVE valve, and Vented by inserting the end with no hole into the HVE valve. Fits into a standard HVE valve.

Contains: 100/bag


Disposable Evacuation Traps - MARK3

Disposable Evacuation Traps by MARK3 eliminates hazardous, unpleasant task of cleaning infectious waste in filters Improves suction performance Saves staff time spent cleaning filters

Compares to: Evac-u-Trap and Dispos-a-Trap by Kerr TotalCare


Universal Evacuation Traps 144/pk - MARK3

Universal Evacutation Traps eliminate one of the most hazardous and unpleasant tasks in the office – cleaning the waste in your current filter. Completely disposable, these filters not only save time but improve the performance of your suction system and reduce infectious aerosol.

Contains - 144 Traps

Compares to: Evac-u-Trap by Kerr TotalCare

Premier Dental

Vac Attak 800/gm Cleaner - Premier

Vac Attak™ is an evacuation system cleaner that uses an organic bleach component for removing debris and bioburden from evacuation lines.

SKU: 580-9011101
Palmero Health Care

Vacuum Clean Tablets 45/Bt - Palmero

Vacuum Clean Tablets from Palmero are a one-two punch for evacuation system maintenance, together in one convenient kit. Complete with one jar of Vacuum Shock, one jar of Vacuum Clean and one Pour and Clean bottle for premixing.

Compare to: Evac Shock Tablets by Cory Labs
SKU: 565-3547
Palmero Health Care

Vacuum Shock Tablets 6/Bt - Palmero

Vacuum Shock Tablets from Palmero are the first stage in the Palmero 2-step system. Keep vacuum lines clean and extend pump life. Time-released tablet. Economical –use only one tablet every month. Clinically proven to keep your vacuum lines free of odor-causing bacteria and functioning at peak efficiency. 6 tablets/jar

Compare to: Evac Shock Tablets by Cory Labs
SKU: 565-3546

MARK3 Evacuation System Cleaner 1 Gallon - Multi Enzyme Blend

MARK3 Evacuation System Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, non-foaming multi enzyme blend. Neutral pH and safe to use with amalgam separators. MARK3 Evacuation Cleaner is also environmentally friendly with a pleasant peppermint scent.

Contains: 1 Gallon

SKU: 100-0090
Keystone Industries

Dispos-a-Trap Plaster Traps - Keystone Industries

Dispos-a-Trap Plaster Traps from Keystone Industries combines convenience with economy for laboratories. These are safe, reliable and sanitary containers. The containers are translucent to allow for easy monitory of waste levels.

Available Sizes: 3-1/2 gallon, 5 gallon

Best MARK3 Sellers



VPS Impression Material 4/pk - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Impression Material features a high performance cartridge system which is easier to extrude. It has excellent dimensional stability and decreases distortions. Fast and Regular set working times. No odor or irritation allowing for greater patient comfort. A pleasant mint flavor and made in the USA.

Compares to: Genie VPS, Flexitime, Express, Exaflex, Take 1, Blu-mousse and Correct Plus


MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar

Topical anesthetic by MARK3. This topical gel has improved flavor, which reduces saliva production and helps the topical last longer. MARK3 topical has a thicker smoother consistency that makes application super easy.

Compares to: Hurricaine, Comfortcaine, Gumnumb, Kolorz, Gingicaine, Denticare and Topex


Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle - MARK3

Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray is applied to a cotton roll or pellet to check vitality.

SKU: 100-5970