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Products tagged with 'small equipment'

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Beyes Dental

Airlight M800 Plus Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The new Airlight PLUS is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to 25 watts of torque. It is designed to handle up to 60 PSI of air pressure, providing a peace of mind to the operator. The truly innovative built-in micro-generator eliminates the need for a fiber optic system from a dental delivery unit. It is a true leader in the air-driven category with all its advanced features.

Warranty - 1 year

Beyes Dental

Airlight M800 Surgical 45 Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The AirLight M800 Surgical 45 provides excellent accessibility and visibility to make stress-free treatment a reality. It features 22W of cutting power for faster preparation and a rear exhaust to help increase patient safety. With its uniquely angled head, enhanced access is simple. Experience for yourself the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Internal Direct-LED generator provides for an illuminated work area without the use of fiber optics. 45 Degree Head, Direct LED, Triple Spray

Warranty 1 Year
Beyes Dental

Airlight M800X Torque Mini Head Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The well-designed and precisely-manufactured AirLight M800X delivers an extraordinary torque of 27W, ensuring accurate cutting. It is equipped with specially designed X-Ball Bearings for quieter sound and longer life. The handpiece also possesses instant-stop capability (IS Tech) that reduces noise and eliminates backflow. In addition to four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling, it has an all-new Direct-LED+ that provides a brighter and larger light pattern enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field.


Direct LED+

Quattro Spray

Warranty - 25 month

Premier Dental

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer- Premier

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer from Premier, heats up to 60 cartridges to approximate body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal shock. One cartridge is dispensed by pressing top panel.
Beyes Dental

ApexPilot All-in-One Endodontic Handpiece Built in Apex Locator - Beyes Dental

The ApexPilot All-In-One is the most convenient root canal treatment system. Its handpiece is complete with a root canal length measurement and root canal preparation; just connect a lip hook with the motor to make the canal length measurement and preparation at the same time.

Warranty - 1 year
Vector USA

Bucky Beaver UltraSonic Inserts - Vector USA

Bucky Beaver UltraSonic Inserts from Vector USA effectively removes stains, plaque and calculus from teeth. Vector offers a variety of inserts to suit any practice's needs.

90 Day Limited Warranty

Beyes Dental

Canaview Intra Oral Camera - Direct USB - Beyes Dental

An excellent communication tool that improves understanding and interaction with patients. The Canaview intraoral camera provides visual evidence that you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnoses. Boasting a true auto-focus and intuitive camera lighting system, this dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs.

Warranty - 1 year
Beyes Dental

CareMaster Automatic Handpiece Maintainence System - Beyes Dental

Handpieces are among the most significant investments in the dental office. It is crucial to maintain their effectiveness, so the practitioner can continue to have the cutting efficiency and durability needed. CareMaster is the solution for dynamic clinical needs.

Warranty - 12 Months
Beyes Dental

Comfort-Sonic P9 LED Peizo Scaler - Beyes Dental

The Comfort-Sonic P9 offers the convenience of a portable unit that can be connected to any dental console while demonstrating high performance and multi-functionality. It is simple to operate and suitable for a variety of clinical procedures – scaling, perio and endo. It provides a patient-friendly and efficient way of meeting the challenges of specialist dentistry.

Warranty - 12 months

Comfort-Sonic P9 Scaler Contains: 8 tips ( EE1, EG1, EG4, EG5, EG6, EP1, EP3, EP4D), 1 tip holder, 2 water bottle
Beyes Dental

EZ Swivel Couplers - Beyes Dental

Customer satisfaction is the main priority under the Beyes quality policy. EZ-Swivel Couplers have been developed, manufactured and subjected to final inspection according to legal regulations, quality norms and industry standards.

Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light - Dentmate

Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light by Dentmate uses only the highest-grade materials and LED, assuring top quality, which ranks it among the best-known names in the industry.

Beyes Dental

Maxso Air Motor 20K Midwest 4-Hole Connection M20A-NS/M4 - Beyes Dental

The M20A Motor offers efficient, powerful and constant torque with operational speeds up to 20,000 RPM. Its innovative fluid dynamics generate about twice as much torque compared to a conventional low speed motor in the 5,000–10,000 RPM range. The M20A Motor is comfortable to operate - it is lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivers smooth power control.

Warranty - 12 Months
Beyes Dental

Maxso Contra Angle-Smart Slow Speed Attachments - Beyes Dental

Beyes offers multiple types of contra-angle handpieces for your daily treatment needs. Beyes handpieces work perfectly with a common handpiece shank, offering convenience and flexibility for every clinician’s diversified needs. Heads and shanks are all autoclavable at up to 135℃ and highly durable. Handpieces and heads can be sold separately. As a result, you can combine them based on your intended use.

Warranty - 12 Months

Beyes Dental

Maxso E600P Portable Electric Micromotor System - Beyes Dental

Beyes® has made upgrading to the newest electric technology easy with the Maxso® E600. This brushless electric micromotor system is designed with ultimate user-friendliness in mind. Its solid titanium construction ensures perfect balance – it is also one of the most lightweight systems of its kind available. Delivering uncompromised power, this system features advanced rotational control technology, resulting in only the smoothest and steadiest operation. Integrate the Maxso® E600 into your practice with ease and start experiencing the advantages of electric today.

Controlled Speed Between 2,000 and 40,000 RPM

Warranty - 25 months
Beyes Dental

Maxso M200 Smart Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The Maxso series high speed handpiece is designed to meet expectations in modern dental procedures. High quality components and a comfortable grip with a Micro-Tex finish provides superior handling. The well-aimed triple water spray will offer excellent coolant effects. Maxso series comes with a variety of connections; simply attach the Maxso handpiece to your existing system.

Warranty - 6 months
Beyes Dental

Maxso Straight-Smart Slow Speed Nose Cone 1:1 S20A-NS - Beyes Dental

Beyes offers multiple types of contra-angle handpieces for your daily treatment needs. Beyes handpieces work perfectly with a common handpiece shank, offering convenience and flexibility for every clinician’s diversified needs. Heads and shanks are all autoclavable at up to 135℃ and highly durable. Handpieces and heads can be sold separately. As a result, you can combine them based on your intended use.

Warranty - 12 Months
Vector USA

Power Plus Piezo Scaler with LED & EMS Handpiece - Vector USA

Vector R & D introduces the most modern and technologically advanced Piezo scaling units available, the Piezo Dental Technologies UDS series. This powerful, quiet desktop unit has 3 modes, General/Perio/Endo. It's quick disconnect handpiece is slim, light weight and fully autoclavable. Accepts all Piezo Tech tips & all EMS tips and handpieces. Built-in self contained bottle with EMS compatible Handpiece.

1 Year Warranty

Contains - LED Fiber-optic unit includes: Control Unit, Foot Control, 2 Bottles, Accessories Pack (with 5 tips and wrench), Optic Handpiece

Keystone Industries

Pro-Form Lab Vibrator 110v - Keystone Industries

The Pro-form Vibrator is a heavy-duty vibrator powerful enough to be used in all types of dental laboratories but small enough to work great in a dental office. Heavy-duty steel spring construction provides maximum vibration and minimal noise. The unit has a weighted aluminum base for stability, a four-inch diameter rubber top, a three-speed control switch, and rubber suction feet to hold the unit in place.

ProMate Lube Free Hygiene Handpiece - PacDent

The ProMate Lube Free Hygiene Handpiece from PacDent is compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles. It's lube free motor requires no maintenance. This handpiece is extremely quiet while operating, reducing patient anxiety. It comes equipped with a 360 degree swivel for greater mobility.


ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece - PacDent

The ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece from Pac-Dent features an ergonomic, light weight design for superior comfort. It comes equipped with a swivel back end connection which provides for less drag and fatigue. The soft non-slip grips increase tactile sensitivity to reduce daily hand trauma. Works with all standard disposable prophy angles. Fully Autoclavable

2 Year Warranty