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High Speed Handpieces

At Cargus International, we understand that dental high speed handpieces are an important equipment tool for all dentists. This is why we have taken all measures to ensure that each high speed dental drill is durable, comfortable to hold, allows for easy access and provides clear visibility. We offer a well selected range of these high speed dental handpieces. Each highspeed handpiece has its own special features, developed with the greatest precision in mind.

High Speed Handpieces

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Beyes Dental

Airlight M800 Plus Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The new Airlight PLUS is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to 25 watts of torque. It is designed to handle up to 60 PSI of air pressure, providing a peace of mind to the operator. The truly innovative built-in micro-generator eliminates the need for a fiber optic system from a dental delivery unit. It is a true leader in the air-driven category with all its advanced features.

Warranty - 1 year

Beyes Dental

Airlight M800 Surgical 45 Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The AirLight M800 Surgical 45 provides excellent accessibility and visibility to make stress-free treatment a reality. It features 22W of cutting power for faster preparation and a rear exhaust to help increase patient safety. With its uniquely angled head, enhanced access is simple. Experience for yourself the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Internal Direct-LED generator provides for an illuminated work area without the use of fiber optics. 45 Degree Head, Direct LED, Triple Spray

Warranty 1 Year
Beyes Dental

Airlight M800X Torque Mini Head Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The well-designed and precisely-manufactured AirLight M800X delivers an extraordinary torque of 27W, ensuring accurate cutting. It is equipped with specially designed X-Ball Bearings for quieter sound and longer life. The handpiece also possesses instant-stop capability (IS Tech) that reduces noise and eliminates backflow. In addition to four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling, it has an all-new Direct-LED+ that provides a brighter and larger light pattern enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field.


Direct LED+

Quattro Spray

Warranty - 25 month

Star 430 SW Highspeed Auto Handpiece

Star 430 SW High speed autochuck handpiece features LubeFree cartridge with ceramic bearings. Available in original smooth metal finish, or elegant silver matte “satin finish”.
Attaches to a 360° non-fiber optic swivel assembly (handpiece and swivel assembly are sold separately).

One-year Star Dental warranty.

Star 430 SWL Highspeed Handpiece

Star 430 SWL Highspeed Handpiece - featuring solid glass fiber optics for brighter, longers lasting light. Bifurcated to eliminate shadows. Ceramic bearings run cooler, faster. Single port spray. 1 year warranty on Lube Free handpiece and turbine, 2 year warranty on Lubricated, 5 year warranty on fiber optics. Without swivel
Beyes Dental

Maxso M200 Smart Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The Maxso series high speed handpiece is designed to meet expectations in modern dental procedures. High quality components and a comfortable grip with a Micro-Tex finish provides superior handling. The well-aimed triple water spray will offer excellent coolant effects. Maxso series comes with a variety of connections; simply attach the Maxso handpiece to your existing system.

Warranty - 6 months
Beyes Dental

Maxso X99L Electric Highspeed Handpiece 1:5 Ratio - Beyes Dental

Beyes Maxso Series contra-angles adopts the latest technology to increase productivity and durability to provide the highest value to end users. Best possible access to the operating field and maximum visibility were the most important criteria during the design process of the instrument body.

Fiber Optic, Quattro Spray, 1:5 Gear increaser

Warranty - 12 months

SKU: 210-SL3025
Beyes Dental

DuraMax M800-NS Aerosol Reducing High Speed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The award winning M800 direct-LED handpiece is now coupled with Safeguard Air Technology to minimize aerosol production and to reduce airborne contamination during dental procedures. The DuraMax M800 has the same powerful 23W of cutting power and brilliantly bright illumination without fiber-optic system needed, but with increased visibility during operation and enhances patient and office safety. Make stress-free treatment a reality.

Connection: Beyes® PD

Warranty -1 Year

SKU: 210-HP3056
Beyes Dental

Maxso X92 Implant Handpiece - Beyes Dental

Experience unrivaled cutting power with the X92 implant handpiece by Beyes. This powerful unit features both internal and external irrigation for maximum cooling where it is needed the most. Its outstanding ergonomic grip offers the perfect balance, resulting in high precision operation. A titanium-coated, scratch-resistant surface ensures longstanding durability. Beyes’ X92 implant handpiece has been engineered to ease the most challenging procedures.

Warranty: 12 Months

Type : Contra Angle, 20:1 Implantology, Non-Optic, Push Button, CA Burs
SKU: 210-SL3019

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VPS Impression Material 4/pk - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Impression Material features a high performance cartridge system which is easier to extrude. It has excellent dimensional stability and decreases distortions. Fast and Regular set working times. No odor or irritation allowing for greater patient comfort. A pleasant mint flavor and made in the USA.

Compares to: Genie VPS, Flexitime, Express, Exaflex, Take 1, Blu-mousse and Correct Plus

MARK3 Guarantees the quality and effectiveness of every product. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We offer a money back guarantee on all MARK3 products. If for any reason, the product does not meet your standards, please give us a call for a full refund. We stand by our products. It’s our mission to provide premium brand name quality at a fraction of the price.


MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar

Topical anesthetic by MARK3. This topical gel has improved flavor, which reduces saliva production and helps the topical last longer. MARK3 topical has a thicker smoother consistency that makes application super easy.

Compares to: Hurricaine, Comfortcaine, Gumnumb, Kolorz, Gingicaine, Denticare and Topex

MARK3 Guarantees the quality and effectiveness of every product. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We offer a money back guarantee on all MARK3 products. If for any reason, the product does not meet your standards, please give us a call for a full refund. We stand by our products. It’s our mission to provide premium brand name quality at a fraction of the price.


Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle - MARK3

Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray is applied to a cotton roll or pellet to check vitality.

SKU: 100-5970