Prolink SE - Silmet

ProLink SE is a light cured self etching one component dentin/enamel bonding agent which combines etch, primer and adhesive into a single component for ease of application.
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• 7th Generation
• Latest advancements in Nano-Technology and dendritic polymer
• Excellent bond with dentin and enamel
• Excellent bond with any self-cured, visible light-cured or dual-cured composites
• Quick and  Easy solution, maximizing patient comfort
• Bonding of composites to tooth structure
• Core build up
• Adhesive Cementation of crown and bridge, including inlays and onlays
ProLink SE is available in: Working Kit (4ml Bottle, 25 Disposable Applicators, 1 Dispensing Dish), 4ml, 2ml bottles.

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