Ledex WL-090+ Dental Curing Light & Caries Detector

7 powerful extensive modes OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 7 modes including Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Plaque Inspect, Caries Inspect

Broadband LEDs used Use broadband LEDs , wide wavelength output is more fitting to phenyl propanedione (PPD) and Lucirin TPO photoinitiator.
Manufacturer: Dentmate
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3 sec. fast cure
Use high power 10W broadband LEDs, up to 1800 mW/cm, it can cure the composites over 2 mm in 3 sec.

Plaque Inspect & Caries Inspect
Use *FIND optical filter, it can detect dental plaque, caries easy and clearly

*FIND:Fluorescence Inspect and Determine system

Never Shutdown within continuous use
Smart heat-management system prevents device overheating during continuous use

Built-in radiometer
OLED display, easy to check intensity

Cartridge battery
Use cartridge design, easy to change battery


LOW mode:
Ideal for curing bonding material that is between tooth and composite resin.

RAMP mode:
Ideal for curing the wide area of composite resin, it can avoid shrinkage.

It is a stable output, ideal for most cases.

HIGH mode:
Ideal for orthodontic, pediatric dentistry, or such as dental cement, porcelain veneer,fiber post in endodontic fields. It can save time.

Ideal for orthodontics, it is easy to bond materials and saving time.

Plaque Inspect:
Ideal for plaque inspect, it is an easy way to check plaque on the anterior.

Caries Inspect:
Ideal for caries inspect, it is an easy way to check caries on the posterior

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WL 090+
Ledex WL-090+ Dental Curing Light & Caries Detector