ProGlass Nine GI Capsules 50/pk - Silmet

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Radiopaque Packable Glass Ionomer Cement

ProGlass™ Nine is an esthetic, condensable classical glass-ionomer restorative cement.
ProGlass™ Nine has high fluoride release which minimizes the need for undercuts.
The high translucency of ProGlass™ Nine ensures use in anterior restorations without compromising aesthetics


  • Condensable viscosity
  • High wear resistance
  • Early resistance to water uptake permitting one visit treatment
  • Excellent radiopacity, ensuring easy postoperative iagnosis
  • Excellent chemical bonding, no etching & excellent marginal seal
  • Biocompatibility, minimal pulp irritation



• Final restorative for Class I, II, III & V deciduous teeth
• Long-term restorative in non load-bearing areas of Class I and II
• Intermediate restorative and sandwich material for heavy stress bearing Class I and II cavities


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